We Love you, NYC!

It’s the greatest city in the world. We’ll be back soon.

Holla at us, Jay-Z: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dZ7jte3d2Q&feature=related

We love you . . . and will be back soon!

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3 responses to “We Love you, NYC!

  1. Mama Marsey

    Welcome to your new exciting chapter! Enjoy the journey, meet new friends, explore new territory, keep a journal, and take lots of pictures. These are wonderful (and stressful) times, but they will also create lifelong memories. I love you both. I can’t wait to come visit. XXOOXXOOXXOO Mom

  2. Sam

    how’s the apt? where are the pics?

  3. helaina mirchel

    looks comfy and you even have “hard to find beer” and tofu – what more could you want – ya gotta find the room darkener curtains though – greta cant sleep w/o them – never mind you guys. Had a FANTASTIC time at your grad party and we all miss you BUT cant wait to go up and visit – glad you have two bedrooms!! HA

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